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HMMWV Parts.  C Pillar for 4 man soft top 12340679, NOS - $275; A2 Tubular brush guard kit for winch bumper ("S" brackets) 57K4387, NOS - $450; Under carriage driveline protection kit (not for winch bumper), crated, 57K3495, NOS - $400; Front seat high back installation kit, forest green, 57K0290, NOS - $750; Rear high back seat mounting kit (thicker toolbox lids, with spacers), just missing the seats, 57K3196, used - $130. 

These items are bulky. Local pickup near Dayton Ohio or may meet at a club meeting.   Text works best during the day. Contact Mark Rozak at 937  572-4203.





9.00 x 16 Tires.  Mounted set of 4 tires to fit the M37 series or M101 trailer.  NDTs, 85-90% tread, good condition, no rot.  

9.00x16 Tires


Asking $175 each OBO – located in Loveland, OH.

Contact Ben Bryant at 513  615-5451






1985 M1009.  Blazer with 45,700 miles. Runs in good condition. Interior in good shape.  $5,000 – located in Belle Center, OH. Contact Sam Capua at 304  590-5553







M51 Transmission.  Takeout 5-speed transmission from M51 5-ton truck.  Less than 10K miles.  Shipping container included.  $500 - located in Wabash.

Contact Vern Nation at 765  985-9200.






M151 Parts.  A truck load of small 151 parts! Just contact me if you need something. I have several seat tops and bottoms, gauges, a set of waffle radios, and 1 antenna. I will ship on your dime and pickup is OK too.  Located in Madison.

Contact Herman Stephens at hspap at





1953 M43 Ambulance.  Runs & drives good.  Brakes gone through.  Litter racks intact.  Good candidate for restoration or a camper.  $2700 - located in Gas City.

Contact Bill Eakins at 765  674-5663.






M116 Trailer.  Great condition.  Used to have generator, good for custom trailer (like a M254 mule carrier) or M101 trailer chassis. $500 - located in Hopkins, Michigan.

  Contact Steve Verburg at 269  793-7111.







1952 M38A1.  Completely rebuilt.  $8000 - located in Commisky.

Contact Gene Spicer at 812  521-2324 or gspicer at





1968 M105 Trailer.  Johnson Corp., 1 1/2 ton. Fully restored-blasted, primed, & painted semi-gloss OD, lettered.  Like new canvas & side boards.  Garage kept.  $1200 - located in Muncie.

Contact Sam Norris at 765  289-9074.





1952 M211.  GMC, 2 1/2 ton.  Gas engine, automatic transmission - last ran 3 years ago.  Solid body, needs sandblast and paint.  $2500 - located in Sellersburg.

Contact Marcus Babbs at 812  246-6411.




Clark Automotive




1985 M101A2 Trailer 1985 M101A2 Trailer


1985 M101A2 Trailer 1985 M101A2 Trailer

1985 M101A2 Trailer.  Complete, titled, and ready to go.  Adjustable landing legs front and rear.  Owned and stored inside since 1997.  $1350 - located in Sheridan. 


Truck Hood.  Fits 5-ton series multi-fuel trucks, NOS in crate.  $250 - located in Sheridan.

Contact Mike McComas at m816 at or call/text 317  379-2714





M151 Heater Parts.  2x canvas grill covers and 1 heater box for the M151.  The heater box is part of the hot-water personnel heater set. The radiator cover will work with either the gas-powered winterization kit or the hot-water heater kit.  $15 for the covers and $40 for the heater box - located in Fairmount. 

Contact Nathan Deal at nathanfmt72 at 



1984 M105A2 Trailer.  1.5 ton, looks complete, military 9.0 x 20 tires, manufactured by Parkhurst, delivered April 1984.  Green color.  $750 or trade - located near Luray (between Muncie & New Castle).

Contact Shannon Johnson at 765  744-8334.





What are you looking for?   Drop us a line and we will post your quest.


CCKW Trunnion Shaft.  Looking for a rear Trunnion Shaft for the Banjo axle.  Contact Dan Bever at b17goinmyway at

M151A1 Parts. 
Under frame rust repair kit, floor pans, radiator, half shafts and what ever you want to sell in the M151 family.  Contact Herman Stephens at hspap at

M332 Ammo Trailer Tarp. 
Canvas preferred but vinyl would work.  Contact Paul Gummere at ugummere at

M817 Dump Truck.
 Looking for an M817 dump truck in reasonably good condition. Truck must be able to work.   Contact Paul Gummere at ugummere at

M37 Parts.
  Looking for the following parts to fit a 1951 M37: Voltmeter, light switch, and ignition switch.  Restoration advice appreciated.  Contact Harry McKinley at harrym4720 at

Willys MB Seats.
   WTB-Original Willys MB front seats.   Contact Jim Mulligan at 317  716-4414.

Half-Track Parts.  
Looking for WWII half-track parts, large and small. Especially the font roller, radiator & radiator armor, and windshield armor.   Contact Jim Osborne (Indiana Military Museum) at 812  890-0210.

Artillery Parts.   Looking for WWI & WWII artillery parts, what have you.   Contact Jim Osborne (Indiana Military Museum) at 812  890-0210.

3" Gun or Caison Wheels.  
Looking for wooden wheels to fit WWI 3" gun or caisson.   Contact Jim Osborne (Indiana Military Museum) at 812  890-0210.




Spot something locally, know of a HMV or parts for sale, or see an ad in the paper or on Craigslist?   Send a spot report.   Please keep it to local finds.

Please include a description of the item, where it is located, and a contact (if known).   Photos may be accepted.




Any IMVPA member may submit Military Vehicle/Militaria related ads to post.   They will post here and an abbreviated version will be posted in the quarterly newsletter. To submit an ad, please use the Contact Us page.   We will run the ad for six months on the website and two newsletter issues.   Ads can be renewed, space permitting.   Finds will be posted here for 30 days but will not be posted in the newsletter.   They can be resubmitted if item is still available.   We will not accept eBay auction finds.


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